9 Stupid Easy Ways to Save on These Crazy Gas Prices

9 Stupid Easy Ways to Save on These Crazy Gas Prices

1. Empty your trunk!:

Your car is not an apartment. Every extra 100 pounds of crap you’re hauling around with you can reduce your vehicle’s gas mileage by as much as 2 percent. Don’t use your trunk as a permanent storage space for old boxes full of junk and ladies, you don’t need to carry 10 pairs of shoes with you wherever you go. And guys, you can leave the fake Type R emblem on your trunk. That doesn’t weigh much.

2. Don’t buy premium gas:

(unless the owner’s manual specifically calls for it) This won’t make your lowered Honda go faster. Burning the wrong grade of gasoline can reduce economy as well as performance — in particular, using high-octane premium in an engine designed to burn regular grade gas. Octane is a measure of burn rate — It doesn’t mean that gas is cleaner. Higher octane fuels burn more slowly than lower octane fuels. Put high octane (slow burning) gas in an engine designed to run on regular (faster burning) gas and combustion efficiency is actually impaired, not improved. This reduces fuel mileage as well as performance.

3. Pay in Cash:

Don’t use credit card! Some gas stations charge a premium to pay with credit cards to offset the processing fees that the credit card companies charge them. So, if you want to pay with credit (for points) or debit card, “look for gas stations where paying cash costs the same as using a credit or debit card.

4. Windows UP

when driving at higher speed: It is more efficient — and you’ll burn less gas — running your car’s air conditioner. The aerodynamic drag (at highway speeds) caused by open windows takes more energy to overcome than operating the AC compressor. Plus, you won’t destroy your gorgeous hairstyles.

5. Roof racks:

Avoid them unless you actually use them. I remember my cousin got a roof rack and put a fake snowboard on it just to look cool. Seriously?! We don’t even live near the mountains…. And it was August! Roof racks create a lot of wind resistance and increase aero drag — which can cost you a 2-5% reduction in MPG at highway speeds.

6. Get the Gas Buddy app

for your smartphone: This will make it easy for you to find the cheapest gas on the way to your destination. This one is a no brainer.

7. Drive like a “Smooth Operator”:

Smooth driving wins. Cars use the most gas on acceleration, especially from a dead stop. Also try to time the traffic lights and the upcoming traffic. If traffic is slowing down then coast and time the traffic (as long as it’s safe to do so) Think about it. Why the heck would you speed to a red light? Not only are you wasting gas on driving fast, but you’re also wasting your brakes and wasting gas by turning your kinetic energy into heat (from the braking) It’s proven that smooth driving SAVES GAS. And it will probably be easier on your blood pressure ;)

8. Drive like a “Smooth Operator”:

Don’t have a fancy hybrid? That’s ok! You can do as much as possible to copy what hybrids do. If you are idling in that annoying LA gridlock or simply are idling for more than a minute, go ahead and just turn off your car. Doing this not only helps on gas, it will help reduce CO2.

9. Pump up the Jam!

Pump, Pump, PUMP IT UP! Ok that’s enough 90s song references. But for real. PUMP UP YOUR TIRES! If you’re tires aren’t at the suggested PSI rating then you are throwing money out of the window. Tires that are low on air have more rolling resistance. Your engine isn’t working as hard and your car coasts further when your tires are pumped properly. You can save 3.3% and an average of $65 per year just by keeping your tires inflated properly!. That’s $65 that can be spent on eating more Ramen! Who doesn’t love more ramen? It’s so easy.


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