5 Reasons Why Millennials Are Adopting Pets Instead of Having Kids

5 Reasons Why Millennials Are Adopting Pets Instead of Having Kids

It’s becoming more common for millennials to choose pets over starting a family. We’re simply not ready to settle down and commit to raising a child. But why? Our parents did it, so why are fewer millennials having children in their 20s?

1. Cost

Let’s face it, raising a child is expensive. According to a 2017 report by Time Magazine, the cost of raising a child to the age of 17 is $233,610 for a middle-income family, while low-income families average at $174,690. This does not include college tuition fees or any government aid. Meanwhile, owning a dog or cat is estimated at $2,000 the first year and about $500 each following year. While this doesn’t include visits to the vet, fun toys, and travel costs, for the most part, pets are fairly low-maintenance in comparison to raising a child.

2. Time Commitment

Owning a pet requires daily attention and care, but you’ll still have the freedom to leave your dog at home while you’re out. Running errands, grabbing a bite with friends, or traveling is very difficult when you have a child, however, it’s totally doable with a pet! As long as you take care of your pet on a daily basis and let them out to do their business, they can be perfectly happy chilling at home!

3. Travel and Vacation Trips

Millennials are all about experiences and traveling while we’re young. We like to live in the moment, embrace the present, and see things for ourselves. Want to visit the Eiffel tower by day and party all night? If you have children, good luck with that! Starting a family means you may have to press pause on that trip to Paris.

4. Career

It’s common for millennials to have career changes multiple times in their mid to late 20s. Although the older generations are content with a job they have had for years, millennials are prioritizing their career and financial stability over starting a family.

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