6 Cheap Foodie Hacks

6 Cheap Foodie Hacks

I know. Being a foodie is expensive. But listen to me. There are some super easy secrets to eating well. Balling on a budget well!

1. Get a microwave steamer.

"It doubles for both cooking veggies and pasta. It's simple and easy. Those Ziploc steaming bags are also great (and they cook fish too)."

2. Flavor your ramen with soy sauce and garlic powder instead of the included packet.

3. Learn how to make a next level avocado toast that's filling and delicious.

"I use avocados with just about every meal. One of my favorite meal preps is to mash up half of an avocado with some salt and pepper until it has a creamier consistency. Then I put it on a piece of pita/flatbread/bread and top it with raw spinach, cut up grape tomatoes, feta cheese, and a little bit of olive oil. It’s super quick, easy to make, and surprisingly filling."

4. Go in on a Costco membership with friends

"You can buy fresh produce, etc. in bulk so it’s cheaper."

5. And hold potluck dinner parties to save money and get a balanced meal.

"One thing we used to do all the time in my dorm was get a group together and each make a different part of the meal. For instance one person made the main course and two others made sides. You spend less on groceries, you get a balanced meal, and you get to hang out with your friends. You can even snag pre-cut veggies from the dining hall salad bar to help cut costs of ingredients."

6. Buy rotisserie chickens; one lasts for a bunch of meals.

"It was cheaper than eating in the dining hall every night, and I always had a satisfying meal for a week. It wasn’t top-notch gourmet but I enjoyed it."


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